1. The NRA has often said that no new laws or background checks are necessary; that all that need be done is to enforce the existing laws on the books.

The AR-15 style gun that Nickolas Cruz used in the Parkland School shooting was purchased under existing law.

Under existing law, Steven Paddock bought the multiple guns he used in the Las Vegas shooting.

Under existing law, James Holmes bought the guns used in the Aurora theater shooting.

Dylan Roof obtained the handgun used in the Charleston church shooting under existing law.

The guns that Adam Lanza took from his mother in the Newtown school shooting were purchased under existing law.

“Under existing law” simply does not get the job done, and is too simplistic of a response from the NRA.

2. Another refrain of the NRA is that “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

This statement has both two incorrect assumptions as well as a logical fallacy. The wording “if guns are outlawed” contains the false assumption that people are trying to ban all guns. Nobody I know of has advocated banning all guns, and such a person would need to read the Second Amendment.

The wording that ‘only outlaws will have guns’ contains the assumption that no gun owners will comply with the law. It is also a logical fallacy. Yes, somebody who doesn’t comply with gun laws is indeed a criminal. This is no different than saying that if there’s a law against burglary, all burglars will be criminals. That’s true – and precisely how it’s supposed to work.

This position of the NRA does not make sense for three reasons.

3. Some gun rights supporters seem to believe that Second Amendment rights are absolute. No constitutional right is absolute – not even the right to life. Along with the well-known right to remain silent, the Fifth Amendment provides that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” Even states without capital punishment, such as Massachusetts, have at least one court that can impose a death sentence, as the federal government has the death penalty.

4. The NRA takes the position that guns such as the AR-15 are unfairly singled out. The AR-15 is a modified version of the military M-16. The only purpose military weapons have is to kill. Kill people.

The AR-15 has a greater range, more “punch” and larger magazines than traditional handguns. If a bump stock is used, the bullets can be reloaded so quickly that it can approach the speed of an automatic gun.

When the Second Amendment was drafted, the strongest weapons available were a musket and bayonet. The Founding Fathers could not possibly have envisioned weapons of this magnitude.

5. Some gun rights advocates claim that such weapons are necessary to oppose a tyrannical government. However, the United States military has things such as bombs, tanks, helicopters and planes. Such a rebellion would probably be put down in three hours.

6. The NRA claims that the answer to a “bad guy” with a gun is a “good guy” with a gun. Unfortunately, the “good guy” may not always win the battle, especially if they are not familiar with guns or feel ill at ease with them. Many teachers say their job is to teach, not provide law enforcement. It can also be difficult to determine the “good guys” and determine which of them have mental illness or will develop mental illness in the future. Also, this does not account for “good guys” who do nothing, such as the deputy outside the school in the Parkland shooting.

7. The NRA opposes gun free zones. Ironically, however, its members sometimes need to attend their conventions (or portions thereof) unarmed when the convention center / hotel prohibits guns.

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